Disney’s « titi » has been photographed

Disney’s « titi » has been photographed as a risk factor for concussions in life

Disney is a paradise for many children, Pluto, stitch, deedee is everyone favorite image, doll actors is conscientious amuse you, but such a delightful doll was hurt.

It is reported that recently, Shanghai partner « deedee chipmunk » been hurt, and tourists « beat » in the zone leads to actor was sent to emergency center, lead to a slight concussion, according to netizens, deedee was made after head has pain upon the head, and hitting the girl, but has also been said smile feel fun.

Hit easily lead to brain concussion, most of the symptoms will disappear after treatment but serious also confusion, or loss of consciousness, so what’s the casual life move would lead to a concussion? How do you care for a concussion?

Be alert to the risk factors for concussions in your life

What casual behavior in your life can lead to a concussion? Guangzhou hospital of traditional Chinese medicine of doctor of vice director of orthopedics weeks otherwise it will honor the family doctors tell people online q&a platform, mainly from a fall, such as from the balcony, window, the tree, bed, children fell from the arms, falls, sports wrestling, collision, traffic accident, head injury directly or indirectly.

What does concussion eat can help rehabilitate?

Weeks, rong, deputy director of the physicians also remind us that can cooperate with diet therapy, such as rhizoma ligustici wallichii angelica dahurica fish head soup, panax notoginseng lean meat soup, qizi yam rabbit meat soup, gastrodia elata stewed pig brain with adjuvant therapy, such as to strengthen the functions of blood, brain analgesic effect.