What are the methods of whitening

What are the methods of whitening? We can use the whitening product, also can eat the white fruit, also can use the food to adjust the skin! Let your skin and skin care have a better effect! Can be used! How much beauty can you do?

1, winter want whitening, go out to work, must remember face mask or scarf, when wind and snow weather, surgical masks and scarf blocked by their own face, so, avoid the skin in the winter, to come to harm. And when you go out in the winter, you need to moisturize and protect your skin from uv rays.

2. Whiten the skin in winter to ensure the skin’s hydration. Therefore, you can use fruit, or drink water, and eat porridge to achieve the effect of hydration. It’s best to do the nursing work at night. It is generally recommended that before going to bed, give yourself basic care, then apply a moisturizer to your face to brighten your complexion.

For skin whitening and some condiments, you have to give up in the winter. Especially for black sauces such as soy sauce and vinegar. Because the food in the winter is mostly stewed, and the stew is often served with soy sauce. Soy sauce is a substance that causes pigmentation to damage the skin color, while in winter, the function of soy sauce decreases, so don’t eat more soy sauce in winter.

4. Exfoliate. There is an idea that cutin is the primary factor in producing melanin. So, if you don’t want to make your skin dark, exfoliating is a must. But can’t do every day, suggest a week, do two exfoliating work can. Remember, when you exfoliate, especially in the eyes, don’t hurt the softest skin on your eyes.

5. Winter melon whitening food. People say that there is nothing to eat. So if you want to whiten your skin in winter, you can eat a lot of winter melon. For example, braised pork or winter melon soup. Eating winter melon in winter can not only help you lose weight, but also make your skin naturally white.

The method of whitening has winter whitening to need to make up more water, go out to wear face mask and scarf to avoid wind to attack! You can also eat some gourd dishes. You can whiten your skin and protect your skin! So pay attention to the maintenance! It will have the effect of hairdressing!

The food and treatment methods

The food and treatment methods of several kinds of towel gourd are introduced Dream beauty pro hard sell.

White and white towel gourd will be filleted silk gourd, stir fragrant shredded ginger, stir fry sweet, add green pepper and a little garlic, wait for the towel gourd, then add the lily to cook, can start the pot.

Smooth and fair Wash sponge gourd, peel and cut into 1.5 cm small section put a container, used steam for 7 minutes, pour out the melon juice, cooking pot of oil, saute chopped garlic, add sponge gourd, add a little soy sauce, sesame oil, stir well.

Wash and chop fresh loofah, use gauze to squeeze out juice, add the same amount of medicinal alcohol and honey, mix evenly, apply the face and arm with cotton ball dip, wash with clean water after 20 minutes. Apply it every night for a month, and you can ease the wrinkles and make your skin smooth and elastic.

The towel gourd leaf decoction bath with fresh towel gourd leaves, can clean the skin wrinkle, clear heat and detoxify, also can prevent heat rash.

The scab of the scabies is tender with a soft towel gourd Dream beauty pro hard sell.

Herbal teas and herbal teas have both beauty and sunstroke

Rose mint tea — refreshing

The rose blood silt, soothing emotion; Peppermint dispel fatigue, which makes people feel refreshed. The sweetness of the rose is pure and sweet, and it can also dilute the bitter taste of the mint.

Make: select 4~5 buds of dried flower buds and the right amount of mint. Add the dried rose and mint to the cup, cover for about 10 to 15 minutes, then drink after a cool tea.

Lavender lemon tea – perk up

Lavender has the function of relieving stress and eliminating fatigue. Lemon diuretic, promote digestion and blood circulation, relieve headache, exuding a faint fragrance can be invigorating. But this herbal tea is not suitable for pregnant women.

Make: choose lavender dry buds 5~6 pieces, lemon slices or lemon juice. Add the dried lavender buds and lemon slices to the cup and add the boiling water to cover for 5 to 10 minutes. If it is with lemon juice, add lemon juice after the tea is cool Dream beauty pro hard sell.

Jasmine green tea – invigorating spirit

Jasmine flowers have a delicate fragrance. Drink jasmine tea, refreshing and refreshing, can make « spring trapped » self-eliminating. Jasmine tea is sweet and fragrant and fragrant, which is conducive to the distribution of cold and evil in the body, promoting the growth of Yang qi in the body.

Production: choose transparent glass cover cup, jasmine tea, 3 g in the cup, with boiling water with a little cool in the early bubble to about 90 ℃, then cover the lid, in case the aroma is lost. After two or three minutes, you can drink. The smell of the night was fragrant and refreshing.

Chrysanthemum ginseng tea – regulate nerve

The fragrance of chrysanthemum fragrance, the fire, the Ming. Ginseng contains soaps and vitamins. It has a good regulation effect on human nervous system. It can improve immunity and effectively dispel fatigue. This herbal tea is very refreshing in the spring, but people with high blood pressure should not drink it.

Make: choose chrysanthemum stem flower bud 4~ 5, ginseng 10~20 gram. Chop the ginseng into small pieces and put them in chrysanthemum flower buds. Soak them in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes.

Gable blue « south ginseng tea »

Known as the southern ginseng, the fragrance is bitter. Detoxification, lowering blood lipids, lowering cholesterol. The capstan is suitable for a single bubble, not suitable for other tea.

Make: a teaspoon of dry gable blue tea, boiling hot boiled water, covered with a lid for about 10 minutes. You can add sugar to your taste or drink with honey when lukewarm.

Wulong poria cocos lipid tea Dream beauty pro

Tea drinking, daily moderate, can eliminate excess fat in the body, body thin body.

Production: wulong tea 5 grams, poria cocos 3 grams, pu ‘er tea, dish of 2 grams of seed. Add the above material to 300ml boiling water for 3 minutes.

Peach blossom tea

Dredge meridian, dispel spot moist. Empty stomach drink, thin waist body, cosmetology skin care.

Production: peach blossom 6, boiling water bubble. Put in lukewarm, add honey to the right amount can.

Disney’s « titi » has been photographed

Disney’s « titi » has been photographed as a risk factor for concussions in life

Disney is a paradise for many children, Pluto, stitch, deedee is everyone favorite image, doll actors is conscientious amuse you, but such a delightful doll was hurt wine education


It is reported that recently, Shanghai partner « deedee chipmunk » been hurt, and tourists « beat » in the zone leads to actor was sent to emergency center, lead to a slight concussion, according to netizens, deedee was made after head has pain upon the head, and hitting the girl, but has also been said smile feel fun.

Hit easily lead to brain concussion, most of the symptoms will disappear after treatment but serious also confusion, or loss of consciousness, so what’s the casual life move would lead to a concussion? How do you care for a concussion Dr protalk

Be alert to the risk factors for concussions in your life

What casual behavior in your life can lead to a concussion? Guangzhou hospital of traditional Chinese medicine of doctor of vice director of orthopedics weeks otherwise it will honor the family doctors tell people online q&a platform, mainly from a fall, such as from the balcony, window, the tree, bed, children fell from the arms, falls, sports wrestling, collision, traffic accident, head injury directly or indirectly.

What does concussion eat can help rehabilitate?

Weeks, rong, deputy director of the physicians also remind us that can cooperate with diet therapy, such as rhizoma ligustici wallichii angelica dahurica fish head soup, panax notoginseng lean meat soup, qizi yam rabbit meat soup, gastrodia elata stewed pig brain with adjuvant therapy, such as to strengthen the functions of blood, brain analgesic effect Dor Furtune provide daily currency exchange prices, RMB exchange rate rate and more than 40 foreign currency exchange rates. Dor Furtune provide the best and low exchange rate, safe and efficient service. Call 6698 3113 now.